Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Blocks

I spent the afternoon getting caught-up with Randy's Sow-A-Long blocks that she posted right before I left for St. Louis.  This is Union Square.  I loved her rendition so I used the same colors she did.  It looks large but they are six-inch blocks so those corner squares will be one-inch when finished.  This is a real challenge working with such small blocks.  It bothers me what with all the effort needed to get them to lay flat. I am sure a steam iron would help but I find, for me, the steam distorts the block.   And that red, is not as orange as the picture suggests. 
And finally, Battlegrounds. 
I have a confession to make.  I bought this ruler way back when I began quilting and never used it.  I had no idea what it was for.  I think it's misnamed.  If it is used to make Half-Square Triangles, then I would have put that in its name.  I have figured out how to use it and have been making all my HSTs from it.  It does take a bit getting used to the fact that you are sewing a seam on the bias.  All day, I've felt like I've re-discovered the wheel!
Happy sewing~

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