Friday, May 25, 2012


Not much sewing today---I only made two of three six-inch blocks for the Sow-A-Long.  This one is Yankee Puzzle which reminds me of a swastika.  I'm hoping it will just blend in with the other blocks once I get the top sewn together.
And this one's Aunt Sukey's Choice.  I pretty much stayed with the colors Randy used for hers. 
I had more to do but my daughter dragged me to the movies to see 'Chernobyl Diaries'.  The movie was so-so---a bit creepy and a little suspenseful but not much---we never get to truly see the scary creatures, just glimpses.   
Talk to you later~


Natalie said...

And don't forget about the fabulous Ukrainian spoken in Chernobyl Diaries!

Marianne said...

Yes indeed, everyone, there is Ukrainian spoken in the movie by some Ukrainian actors! This is thrilling if you are fluent in Russian and a recent history and Russian Language college grad! LOL.