Sunday, January 13, 2013

Resolution Number One

A wee bit late, but heartfelt just the same, Happy New Year! Yikes I have been busy working on  my New Year Resolutions, yes, actually!  I am a terrible procrastinator, something I really dislike about myself so I thought I'd really try and do something about that this year. For th past several years both my daughter and I would put stuff in the dining room to sell on eBay "soon".  That pile grew and grew until it just got out of hand.
It wasn't quite so bad as this, but it was pretty bad, so that is where I have been: listing stuff on eBay, Craigslist, selling textbooks to Amazon, and driving to Goodwill and 13 days into the new year the Christmas tree is still up and the worst part is I have done zero sewing!
I found a large stack of quilting books under all my mess and thought I'd list them here cheap for anyone interested.  First person to leave a comment/pay for the book will be the new owner. Remember I need a way to get in touch with you so be sure to leave your email if you need to. They are all in excellent condition: no writing, torn pages, and no one smokes here.  I will send you an invoice and once I figure out postage will ship them off via Media Mail to you. [Info for each book is below each picture].
1.  96 pages, softcover, $5.00 plus shipping.
2.  112 pages, softcover, $5.00 plus shipping.
3.  144 pages, softcover, $5.00 plus shipping.
4.  80 pages with quilt projects and cookie recipes!, softcover, $5.00 plus shipping.
5. 223 pages, softcover, $6.00 plus shipping.
6.  96 pages, softcover, $5.00 plus shipping.
7.  63 pages, softcover, $5.00 plus shipping.
8.  63 pages, this has a few projects but includes mostly decorating with little quilts. More pics below, hardcover, $4.00 plus shipping.  SOLD
Thanks for looking~