Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I finally did it and opened one of two boxes that have been collecting dust in my sewing room since November 2011. Yes, you read that right.  Over two years.  Unopened.  I had sent out two quilts and a Christmas table runner to two different quilters and before they came back I injured my back. Ugh. I just could not bring myself to open them.  But this is the year to Finish projects. Not too happy that I have to use my little Janome.  
Working on the Christmas runner today, talk to you later~

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Slate

Belated Happy New Year wishes!

I am so looking forward to a fresh slate that the new year brings.  We lost two beloved pets within five days of each other in 2013.  One, my almost twenty year old Tonkinese cat was a steady companion over the years whenever I sewed.  She was a birthday gift right around the time I began quilting sticking with me while I sewed on the dining room table, then a spare bedroom, and finally in a dedicated sewing studio.  She passed on the end of September and her presence is sorely missed. I finally got back into my sewing room in November to find out my Twenty year old Bernina needs a new part for the even-feed foot to work.  Still waiting on that part to come in. 

I was able to finish this simple quilt before my Bernina kinked out.  Not as much quilted as I intended but I called it quits just to get it finished and bound.

I'm going to cut this short ~ it's good to be back ~ and see if I can really post (thanks, Natalie!) from my new iPad. Later....