Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day Fifteen

The movie theater we went to yesterday is located in an old historic district of my town.  The area was built in the mid 1920s and contains one-story masonry bungalows, stucco-finished in the Mediterranean Revival Style. 
They aren't very large--maybe 30 feet across.

This one's for sale.  I think it used to be a cafe that went out of business.  They painted it a bright yellow in hopes of selling it but it's been on the market awhile.
This one is a beautiful shade of periwinkle which did not come out in the picture.  All in all, an enjoyable walk from the public parking lot to the art theater.
The movie was wonderful.  It's in French with English sub-titles--about an immigrant teacher from Algiers and his relationship with his class of twelve year olds---funny and heartwarming and it will have you wanting to learn French by the time the movie's over!
Back to quilt-related things tomorrow~

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