Sunday, November 23, 2014

Quiet Sunday

I bought some gray FQs at my LQS.  Yay!  I have very little of this color but I've been thinking of making a quilt with it as the background.  I remember when it first hit the scene, I did not like it in any quilts but that has changed for a while now.

I needed to get a new coat today in anticipation of visiting my DD in Birmingham.  I spotted this downright silly sign promoting quilted jackets.  Needless to say, its caught my eye across the store!  I saw the word "quilts" and made a beeline. Lol.

And lastly, a pillowcase I won from Kathy or I should say signed on to do a Pay It Forward.  I have a year to make three gifts and give them away paying it forward. Stay tuned for that!  I might add the pillowcase is going up to BMH with me.  I'm bringing my pillow!

Posting will be light for the next week or so.

photo by Andrea

Heading out early in the morning! Talk to you later!

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kathy-o said...

Ahhh - you took your new pillowcase with you...I love that! The photo of you & your traveling companion is a crack up!