Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fruit Salad

Today's post has nothing to do with fruit salad, I just couldn't think of a title and I have dinner plans breathing down my neck! You are probably saying what did yesterday's post have to do with tossed salad but that is the name the designer gave the block.  I'll leave you to follow the link to AURIbuzz to read why. Not much sewing today, mainly organizing, finishing up, and wrapping gifts for my Secret Santa Swap.  I am happy to say I am done there but can't share yet.

I did find a stack of books at my library.  I don't know why but there have been so many craft-related books recently showing up on the New Books section.  Quite the pleasant surprise!

I really need to just go ahead and buy these two.  They have some great projects and I love looking at the photographs.

I did not even know this one was out.  Mary Fons is so funny and the quilts are really different.  But a good different. They all have what I think is a masculine-bent to them.  It's hard to find quilts in books like that.  I am only familiar with Mary through her Quilty magazine, not having a T.V.

And lastly, I made up a few Christmas-themed pillowcases to donate to a group collecting them for kids in the hospital over the holiday.

That's it for now, see you tomorrow!

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