Friday, February 21, 2014

Building Block Angst

It took me for ages to finally settle on fabric for this Block of the Month over at Gen X Quilters. I hemmed, I hawed, I dithered, I vacillated, and finally had to have a serious talk with myself! It's only a quilt!  The premise of the BOM is to make a modern looking quilt choosing solids or a variety of tone-on-tones.  First I gave a cursory glance at the old stash and made a dash for the LQS.  Yes, even though I made a resolution to Stick To The Stash I indulged and bought the recommended tone-on-tones, 20 FQs, only to get home and decide, naw, not what I had envisioned.  Back to the stash it was!  I actually found 5 one yard pieces only to have two of the reds bleed when I, thank goodness, tested them for colorfastness.  It's not that I am clever, but these pieces were at least 20 years old.  What to do?  My LQS came to the rescue and had a small Valentine's Day sale that I ended up getting the stack you see at the top. 

That is January A and January B, February A and February B blocks you see.  I am finding the Vice Versa BOM fun since I settled on fabric.  I haven't worked with solids in ages knowing I had a limited amount in the stash.  I went through a phase back in the mid 90s where that's all I worked with.  I find them very unforgiving as you see every imperfection, any mis-stitch seems to stand out.

Anyway, I played around with the instructions and made the blocks a bit different, more loyal to the name Vice Versa.

Is anyone else doing this BOM?

Talk to you later~

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Preeti said...

I like your choice of colors. I love that positive negative effect of the blocks :-)I saw the BOM but decided to complete my ongoing projects instead!!!