Monday, April 30, 2012

What Have I Done!

If anyone were reading my blog you'd have noticed a new badge in the right margin.  It's indicative of a challenge I signed up to do everyday of May!  Yikes, I hope I can pull it off as May is such a busy month in my usual placid life.  I fly up to St. Louis on Thursday morning, load up my daughter's apartment, and drive back to Florida.  Then we both fly back about a week later for the graduation from Washington University in St. Louis!  Where have the last four years gone?  Anyway, the challenge is open to anyone with any type of blog even beginners.  If anyone is interested go here and sign up before 11:00 pm Eastern DST, 150 others have, why don't you?  Oh, and there's a raffle for prizes at the end for those who have managed the full 31 days.

1 comment:

Anne at Film and Thread said...

What is your daughter doing after graduation? Does she want to go back to Europe?

Our daughter's graduation is this Saturday. She starts her PhD in August. Whew . . . those 4 years did go fast.

I'm happy to see you blogging again! It's fun to see what you are doing!