Saturday, February 19, 2011

Never A Bride

Happy Saturday afternoon!  I do believe spring has arrived here in Florida!  We have so few days where the weather is mild and the humidity is low.  Today is one of them.
All you people in still cold and snowy climes, don't hate me!  Come June, it isn't so great living here.  Ugh. I should fill you in on my jury duty and then we can never mention it again.  I was 1 of 326 potential jurors on Valentine's Day.  Every hour or so, they'd put our names into a random number generator and choose 30.   The non-chosen got to stay in the jury assembly room and listen to a local T.V. station drone on and on loudly.  Double ugh.  [Side note:  I do not watch T.V., don't even own one]  I brought plenty to read, as was suggested beforehand, but could never concentrate over the noise!  Nine hours I and 11 others waited to be called.  Finally at 5:00 we were dismissed.  Onto much more pleasant things, here's my Block 7 of the Block-a-palooza designed by House of a la Mode,
I changed the original arrangement of the four patches more to my liking.  I didn't get to Block 8 until yesterday, and it was the dreaded "a" word!  Applique!  Isn't that against the rules of the quilt along?  haha.  It is against  my rules, I rarely do applique, machine or by hand, so here's my renegade block.  I tried to keep with the gist of flying geese and nine-patches that the other blocks have so far,
And this did not look so much like a swastika before I sewed it together.  I am hoping once it gets sewn into the quilt you will hardly notice!!  You can see the original at Moda Home Mom.
I'll end with a picture of my amaryllis that bloomed on Valentine's Day.  This is the first time I've saved a bulb and got it to re-bloom.  Good timing wouldn't you say?
Talk to you later, giveaway scheduled in the near future!