Monday, May 14, 2012

What I Did On Sunday

I spent Sunday morning pulling fabrics for the Ugly Fabric Challenge and came up with quite a few.  I haven't decided on a project yet but I do know it will be a quilt.

I received some gifts.  I love both the Pomegranate lotion and lavender soap. 
My dream is to see the lavender in Provence, France one day!  (Photo by Andie Li)

 And I received flowers.  I've never had an orchid before.

I got to sew a bit---a basket block for the Sow-A-Long project.  I decided not to do the bonus block that Randy had posted.

We made a trip to my LQS who has two shop dogs.  It was their birthday today and there were cupcakes and free fat quarters to be had for contributors of dog food to the local Humane Society.  I chose Hello Luscious. 

And finally a movie at the local art movie theater  and dinner out afterwards.  The day was bliss! 
 How'd you spend yours?

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