Sunday, May 27, 2012

Out Of The Bag

I started work in earnest today for the In The Bag ~ Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge.  I kept some of the fabric that went along with my uglies that I  originally pulled, a 'first draft' if you will, but mostly changed direction for the project.  Here's the first draft fabrics
I found 2.5 yards of this wonderful floral in my 'deep stash' and fell in love all over again with it. It's from 2004 and it so vivid in person.  I think I might use it as a border.  I sure hope it works as I have never been able to successfully pick border fabric at the very beginning of pulling fabrics for the quilt.  I've learned to wait under the majority of the top is through.  It's amazing to me to run into quilters who can pick everything right down to the binding and backing for their quilt and have it all work out.  I suppose that it what the intent of the layer cakes, jelly rolls, and charm packs is sold alongside the matching yardage~no thinking necessary!  What I've chosen is all from my stash.  I had a hard time coming up with that turquoise~it's not a color I use very often.
Here's a sneak peak at my first block before sewing. 
I am bending the rules a bit:  I am substituting that upper purple for the lower one even though the lower one is an 'official ugly'.  Its quality was, well, not up to par with the others.  It's too bad because I really liked it. 
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