Thursday, May 3, 2012


I stopped by the Tuesday Morning store on Tuesday morning (!) and look what I found.  I don't go ofter as our store is really messy and it takes forever to sort through the merchandise.  Most of what you see is made-in-China junk but there were some real finds.
Like this fat quarter stack from Westminster Fabrics, Tina Givens fabric for $29.99.
I mainly went to look at a Gee's Bend Quilt kit they were supposed to have but didn't.
And then I found a new local quilt shop!  It's called A Quilter's Stash. 
 It's a small store but with a nice assortment, the owner is a male quilter in his 60s.  He proudly informed me he has been quilting since 1974!  Cotton fabric has certainly changed since he began.
I almost weakened for these.  They are so similar to an older line, Sanctuary by 3 Sisters.  So soft, so feminine, and right up my alley.
All the bolts are priced the same which was a good $1.50 more than at other area stores.  I contented myself with just a look.  I'm overflowing as is with fabric.
I left on a crack of dawn flight to St. Louis this morning.  The plan is to move my daughter out of her college apartment, and drive back to Florida.  It's a fun drive  as I thoroughly enjoy her company.
Talk to you later~

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