Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Sewed!

Once I got into the sewing room today I remembered I had started making what Rosemary Youngs calls Quilt Blankets for a charity project she's started in Africa.  More info here.  I sent her a big box of culled fabric from my stash last month and ran across some orphan blocks that I just knew I'd never make into a quilt.
Following Rosemary's directions, there's no batting, the backing is flannel, sewn right-sides-together and then turned right-side out eliminating the work of a binding.  The edge is ironed flat, then topstitched on all four sides. I used a variety of the original Aunt Grace fabrics from the 90s.   This one's about 30 by 40 inches.
These blocks aren't too old but I lost interest in continuing to work with them.  I had a stack of fat quarters of the whole line that I had been hoarding since I bought them in 1999.  I made a couple of tops with them but they're just so darn stiff and thin!  That stiffness just doesn't improve with washing either.  It is really remarkable the evolution cotton fabric has taken in the last 10 to 15 years.  Anyway, I got both finished today and will mail them off tomorrow.  I am hoping to get to make some more Sow-A-Long blocks from over at Randy's.
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