Sunday, March 17, 2013

If You're Lucky Enough to be Irish ...

... You're lucky enough!  Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've been doing a wee bit of sewing on my Catnip quilt kit and have most of the blocks finished. I am trying to resist making it larger. It is supposed to finish at about 37 by 51 but to me a quilt is not a quilt unless it's a minimum of twin-sized. Quite silly, I know plus it makes the task of actually quilting the top that much more onerous. I guess that's why I have a closet full of quilt tops. I'll have to show you some time.
Enjoy the day and watch that green beer!
Talk to you later~

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Natalie said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! ☘ (That's supposed to be a shamrock.)