Monday, September 28, 2009

September Schnibbles

When I went up to Marietta for the quilt show I did a mini-quilt shop hop. I wasn't about to let 20 inches of rain slow me down. Gosh it was soggy, rained the entire 4 days I was there. I desperately needed some reds and aquas for the Disappearing 9-patch I signed up for at Jane's. I had 1 aqua fabric in my stash. Never realized it before, but I guess it's a color I just haven't worked with. I picked up these fat quarters at Intown Quilters. What a fun shop! Filled to the brim with mostly bright and funky fabrics with a very helpful staff. I sound like a commercial but really, I loved the shop. Sorry for the lack of shop pictures but the day was so drear and rainy I left my camera back at the hotel.

I got this little bag filled with 20 Kaffe Fasset fabrics and some Schnibbles patterns at Red Hen Fabrics and Quilting Emporium. I think this was my favorite of the 4 shops I visited. The fabrics were arranged by color, something different and had a load of patterns and again, a very friendly staff.

These are either Kaffe or Martha Negley, got them at Intown Quilters also. I also went to Little Quilts and Tiny Stitches. I had been to Little Quilts for the first time about 9 years ago. I was amazed how it is exactly the same! I guess when you've found your niche and it works why mess with it. Still mostly civil war reproduction fabric. I still have my purchase from 9 years ago uncut. You know how that is. So I didn't buy anything here. Last stop was Tiny Stitches but I found the shop too dimly lit to do any serious shopping. I hate that!

Back in January I started sewing along with the Forever Green Quilts BOM program. Well, I have not made a block since April so I figures this was the weekend to do all 5 months AND the September Schnibbles for the Year of Schnibbles. I am finally caught up. The Forever Green blocks are so tedious as they all have so many pieces many you have to draw the seam allowances on to get the triangles to fit together right. One block really gave me a problem. I think the cutting directions are faulty but regardless it got finished.

The Year of Schnibbles pattern was Winter White. I decided to use Fig and Plum by Moda as I really liked the fabric. In fact I love any fabric that Joanna Figueroa designs. Love that vintage-y thing she has going. I first made the flying geese in greens and peaches but they really didn't work. The geese needed to be dark, or at least half of them did.

I needed 18 dark charms and the Fig and Plum had only 16. I spent quite a while trying to get something to work and hoped to use some of the geese I'd already made.

Here's what I came up with. Ditched the green geese, kept the peach geese, and made new plum ones. I actually found a fat quarter, civil war reproduction no less! in my stash that went with the Fig and Plum plum. And that is one different shade of plum!

Those peach cornerstones seemed like a good idea but now...

Had a chance this afternoon to cut into the reds and aquas for the swap ~ 225 squares cut!

Check out the head on the windowsill!
Talk to you later.


Jocelyn said...

Your Schnibbles pattern looks great! I'm still working on mine. Only hours left :-(

Lanette said...

Your quilt is very pretty - I like the color combo too!

Sinta Renee said...

ooo's and awes from me!

Ariane said...

I love your Winter White quilt. It's very nice with the soft colors and the plum. I love it. The aqua and red fabric you bought is also beautiful.

Béa said...

Very nice quilt, love your colours !
Hugs from France

Carrie said...

It's beautiful! And I rather like the peach cornerstones!

Fig and Plum is a pretty collection, it's one of those that I keep thinking I should have more of... just in case. The green in there is just about perfect, IMHO of course. :)

And just so you know, I love the Kaffe fabrics you got, and those red and aqua fabrics for the swap are fabulous!

Unknown said...

I ADORE that you did it in Fig and Plum. It looks amazing! I'm wishing I'd thought of it lol.

Busy Little Quilter said...

Your Schnibbles turned out great. I love the Fig and Plum. How lucky for you that you had a plum that color!

I'm in the red and aqua swap, too. I love your fabrics.

Your shop hop sounds like fun. I went to Little Stitches about 9 years ago, too. I love their store. I didn't know about the other shops. I'll have to check them out whenever I'm in Georgia again.

Your cat is beautiful.

I was reading your blog and there for a second I thought I was reading mine! Our borders are alike. lol

Messy Karen said...

your Schnibbles quilt is very pretty. i love your combination of the softer colors with the plum.

Simone de Klerk said...

Wew, definitely love this Schnibbles too! It is great going through your blog! You make wonderful projects. I will put you to my list for blogs I frequently want to visit (O: