Saturday, September 5, 2009


Helloooo! I still make quilts, I really do! I cannot believe that I have not sewn since April. My Bernina and all the flat surfaces in my sewing room were actually dusty. I have been so busy going hither and yon or getting ready to, that sewing took a back seat. Today was the day to get reacquainted with my Bernina. I started a new project using fabric strictly from my stash. Oh, the temptation to buy something new. There are some really super new collections out, aren't there? This fabric will be used to make 9-patches 6 inches finished.

These are 6.5 inch squares that will alternate with the 9-patches for the center part of the quilt. Sure hope this looks better once it gets further along cause I am having my doubts.

The pattern comes from The Quilter Magazine, March 2008 issue. I've already made the quilt once before and loved the results. I will probably add a row or two for additional length.

This book is so cute. I love cupcakes and this book has a little of something for just about everyone. Cupcake recipes, cupcake cards, knitted cupcakes, cupcake pincushions, you get the idea. The cover is so sweet and the size so small I like to just leave it next to my Bernina so I can gaze at it adoringly! No kidding!

Just a random street scene of St. Petersburg, Russia. I hope I am not boring you readers with my pictures of Russia, kind of like the neighbors' slides from their vacation to the Grand Canyon. You wish you could extricate yourself from their family room, but how? Let me know.

There were not many American fast food places, except McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and a Hard Rock Cafe. As a whole, the people were much slimmer than here. There's probably a connection there. You've got to love McDonald's in Cyrillic!

Me, relaxing onboard our ship.
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Mary said...

It does feel so good to get back into the sewing room.
The fabrics from your stash look great. Good for you for resisting the new fabrics (for now!).

Unknown said...

Those fabrics that you chose are beautiful! Can't wait to see the progress. Thanks for sharing the pics of your trip. You do look totally relaxed!