Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Almost Done

I would have had this posted yesterday but simply could not find my cord thingy that transfers from camera to computer. I finally had to abandon looking for it and lo and behold it turned up on the floor in the bedroom next to a chair. Odd to say the least. I finished the 9-patches for the quilt center.

I still have an inner border of neutral squares, a middle border of more 9-patches and a final border of neutral squares. I'm liking the way it's turning out!

This is a picture of a bad cat. Every once in a while Cinabella will get it into her head that she wants, needs to go to the very top of the closet in my sewing room. The problem is once up, she can't get down by herself so I cannot leave or I must retrieve the ladder in the garage! A disconsolate cat is a noisy cat! Perhaps I should add that she is half Siamese to better understand the level of meowing.

We get this Great Blue Heron landing on out pool cage many an afternoon. I've never seen him land on any of our neighbors' cages. So far we've been lucky with you-know-what!
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SewCalGal said...

I can certainly understand what it is like to have a cat get up someplace high and not get down without assistance. I had a cat the loved to play in the linen closet. And I can understand what it is like for a "siamese" cat to tell you he/she wants down (now).

Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I love cats, so more photos & insights on cats always enjoyed!


Unknown said...

Your quilt is looking fantastic! We had a fun night with our new kitten, he caught a mouse in the house!! Lots of praise going on here. Amazing the blue heron!