Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Working in a Donut Shop

I forgot to charge my camera battery so I used my iPhone.  I finished my BOM quilt.  Got the binding all sewn on the back by hand this morning after starting it yesterday afternoon.  I can't quite pul;l the trigger on sewing it down by machine which seems to be the fad recently.  I love the texture that developed when I quilted the lilac negative space.

I machine quilted it with lines half an inch apart  after I had quilted them an inch apart.  When I went back to fill in I skipped three inches and then would do more fill in.  I'm hoping the weather is more cooperative tomorrow for pictures.  It was so cold and dreary gray outside today I thought we might get snow!  And windy too.

A better pic of the lilac and more accurate in color.  If you're wondering about the title post it's because I imagine working in a donut shop must be similar to working on a quilt, at least for me.  I get so sick of making that quilt from start to finish, I cannot wait to either mail it to the recipient or put it away in the closet.  After a month I'm ok with seeing it!  Weird me, I know.

Here's the backing, I love the fabric it's so quirky and silly.  I even got it labeled today.

Stay warm, see you tomorrow!


kathy-o said...

Can't wait to see the entire quilt - it's stunning! I LOVE that backing!!!

Wilma Lee said...

The only time I sew a binding by machine is on potholders, lol. Sewing down the binding is my favorite part!! Love the backing.