Wednesday, November 5, 2014

To Vladimir, With Love

Geez, I almost ditched the post today.  Yes, on day 5 of a 30 day posting commitment.  Pathetic. What to write about then?
  I know, my daughter mentioned to me that Vladimir Putin was chosen again (two years running!) as the most powerful person in the world by Forbes magazine.   Perfect.  I'll just post a pic of Vlad and call it quits.

But I'm guessing anyone coming to a quilt related blog is expecting something quilt related.  So, moving along (sorry Vladimir, congrats, BTW), I came to the decision I was fretting way too much and I just needed to start.

I bought some painter's tape after taking Jacquie's Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot class on Craftsy last month.  I just knew I wanted to put those lessons to good use.  At this point I decided (along with Jacquie's input) to start out quilting straight lines on the blocks keeping with the diagonal.  I have the blue painters' tape in addition, but neither the green nor the blue are really sticking that great.  I don't know if starch or sizing is interfering but what a pain!

About halfway through sewing the line, the second half lifts away from the fabric.

I tried doing this but that doubled the time it took.  I love the backing.  I had planned on using it for another top but I liked it with this one.  It's all personal ads written by women.  It was intended for the back of a wedding quilt I made but ended up not giving as a gift.

I wonder if Vladimir quilts?

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