Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Crafts

First I must apologize to my readers. Maybe I didn't have anything to say, but some of you did. I was remiss in not posting your comments. I'll try and be better about that.

This is new magazine I picked up after thumbing through it at the checkout. It has a lot of cute projects, a few Halloween, a few Thanksgiving, and more for Christmas. What attracted me were there were so many birds featured in the projects.

There's a felt pillow,

A partridge atop a pear tree and

a table runner.

I love these little houses and might try my hand at them. They remind me of those small pasteboard houses with glitter roofs popular when I was a child. The type with a cutout in the rear of the house so you can put a Christmas light inside to light up the windows.

Don't you just love this plump little bird?

This one's made from needle-felted wool roving.

Papier-mache birds,

coasters and,

no birds here, only yummy-looking cupcakes!

And lastly, a bird ornament made from patterned paper and embellished with trims glued to a cutout.

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