Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Sewing

Cleaning up the prior day I forgot to move this pile of scraps, meowing ensued rather loudly the next morning until I came and moved what was invading "her" space. Amazing how they "train" us!
If you have not visited the various Pets On Quilts participants, I urge you to do so. There are so many cute pets and quilts to enjoy.

This is the quilt Cinabella has claimed and was shown on in the prior post. It's made out of leftovers from a prior project, no pattern just squares put together in an effort to use up a small amount of pink chenille I had leftover.

I just quilted it by meandering.

And bordered it using my favorite fabric. I bought all my LQS had at the time but wish I had more.  It's called Charlotte by Anna Fishkin for Red Rooster Fabrics. I know it's silly but I have an irrational love of it!

Those green ferns on a mottled background and I swoon everytime!  You can see the other fabrics in the line archieved  here. I am glad my LQS had the green ferns as that would have been my choice of the 4 colors offered.

This is the quilt the budgies were on. I call it the Wisdom Teeth quilt. My daughter had her 4 wisdom teeth removed in May 2007 and to keep her company I perused Ebay for the first time. I was the winning bid on a stack of 9-patches thinking I really scored.  They were all made using Joann's fabric and rayon thread! Uh oh! That taught me to read Ebay carefully and ask questions. So, I sat, in between making mashed potatoes for my daughter, and ripped out the thread and re-sewed the 9-patches. This is only half of them, the ones I thought went together. I do love the way it turned out.

Except for the binding. I made a two-colored binding, yellow on front and aqua on back, but you can see the aqua through the yellow binding on the front. Sort of. I don't know if it's worth the effort of re-binding it though.

These are 8-inch blocks I donated to a quilter who is making a Quilts of Valor quilt. I swore I'd not make another Missouri Star block that small again and then Randy posted one at six-inch! I grumbled and complained but did it and it wasn't too bad.

I wish I'd used a darker fabric for the star points.

This is Handweave.

And this is Boxes and Baskets.
Glad you came for a visit~


Silvinha said...

Thank you Marianne for the gentle words. They are an encouragement to my work. The kitten already has 14 years, is an old woman but nice companion

Sweet Purrfections said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting about our quilt. We've added a tab with pictures of us on our blog for the Pets on Quilts contest, so you can see our information easier.