Thursday, December 31, 2009


I've been busily sewing pincushions aka Tuffets today for the scheduled Tuffets Parade  tomorrow.  It's been quite a challenge to find any time to go into my neglected sewing room this month, what with getting ready for Christmas, shopping, and getting re-acquainted with The Dean's List Daughter *insert Mom beaming here* home from college!

I only made three raiding my scrap basket...




The last one is two-sided and not a Tuffet but just something improvised.  I filed it in the back of my mind when I spotted it in my travels around the blogs.   I will agree with other bloggers, they are addicting to make!  I rarely use them though as I am rather impatient with pins and usually just use a container I picked up at Joann's on clearance a  few years ago.  I like it because it heavy and stable and just the right size for portability.

This is really lazy but I consider it too much work to stick them into the pincushion and would rather throw them into the container. 

And look at this, I was a winner at The Fat Quarter Shop's Dear Santa Giveaway last week!    I'm looking forward to receiving this bundle in the mail!  I won the whole bundle!  Thank you Fat Quarter Shop, they are the greatest!  Hope you all have a festive and safe New Year's Eve.  See you next year!


Unknown said...

Your tuffets are adorable! Congrats to the Dean's list daughter! And congrats to you on the win from Fat Quarter shop.

Jocelyn said...

I really like your Tuffets! And congrats on your Fat Quarter Shop prize!

Unknown said...

Looks lovely.