Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I've Been Up To

A bit of sewing...getting caught up with Randy's Sow-A-Long:  Clay's Choice.
Anvil. I think my HSTs got a bit turned from hers. I found a fat eighth of that gold background in my stash from a line called Democracy by Sandy Gervais.  Wish I had more.
And Flock of Geese.  All six-inch blocks.
A bit of sewing for the Ugly Fabric Challenge. That's a sixteen inch Churn Dash block, pencil included for scale, featuring two of the 'uglies' I received. I've already finished one quilt that I have not posted about yet. I wanted to do all my sewing before showing the finished projects. I've never made such a large Churn Dash before, it had me giggling, I confess to being easily amused!
A bit of wildlife watching...The poor deer in our area are loosing their territory to new construction and are showing up backyards panicked.
And a bit of shopping. I am still working on a Christmas gift certificate from a LQS. The Halloween charm pack was so happy I couldn't resist it.
I sure wish pattern designers would stop trying to wield power they do not possess. It drives me nuts when they think they can tell  buyers of their patterns that they cannot sell the products you make. Wrong! The buyer cannot reproduce the paper pattern but the designer cannot control what the buyer does with the end-product. The first sentence is correct, the second is not. Along the same lines, there is a LQS that claims people cannot take pictures of quilts made from patterns sold in her store because the designers will not allow it. Another silly claim. And that's the end of my rant!
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Natasha said...

I love that first block!!!

Becca said...

Those deer were better than the rattlesnake!!!