Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Trio Of Blocks

After a trip to the grocery store in the rain, I made some HSTs  for a block Randy had published on Wednesday for her Sow-A-Long.  Oy, those HSTs are too small for my tastes.  I've tried ironing them and flattening with books when still hot---I'm sure steam would do wonders but I've never been able to use it without distorting the block.
I must have misread and cut the squares way too large cause I had a lot to cut to get to 1.5 inches trimmed.
And here's the 6-inch block finished.
I decided not to make the second block Randy posted and went with this one instead.  It's still 6-inch, of course---I think it's called Framed Pinwheel. 
And this is Thrifty.  Nice and easy after those HSTs on the first block. 
Talk to you later~

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