Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look At This!

Drove my daughter back to college in St. Louis about a week ago and we discovered a new Target. Not just any Target This one, in addition to the usual parking lot, also had a underground parking garage! This is the escalator from the garage to the store.

With it's very own shopping cart escalator! Here's where you put the cart to go down.

And this is where the cart comes out in the garage.

We thought this was so funny! We get back to my daughter's suite and her roommate really wasn't impressed. Ruth comes from Atlanta where apparently these super-duper-underground-parking-garages are quite common. Just goes to show you it doesn't take much to amuse these two Florida girls.

This is a random picture of clouds just for the fact I thought they looked so pretty. I am off to the quilt store, just to look you understand! There are so many new lines out, this place has some Jelly Rolls on sale.
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Unknown said...

That is super cool! Never have seen an escalator quite like that!