Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've Been Busy...

but not with anything to do with fabric! If it's spring in Florida, then the yard-Nazis are out and about! Let me explain, we live in a community where there are those pesky deed restrictions. Everyone must maintain his yard to meet the standards. Letters go out reminding the offending people to toe the line, or else! It seems I never manage to get to the gardening before the powers-that-be do their inspections. I spent 2 days ripping out ferns which multiply like crazy here, and mulching.

And another day trimming shrubs and palm fronds. I think when they landscaped our house, this palm was the only thing left on the truck so they planted it. I don't know if you can see but the fronds have 3 inch thorns on the bottom half. Besides being painful, a stick produces a bump that takes weeks to go away.

Prior to all this flurry of outdoor activity, I did manage to do something with that stack of Victoria's Scatter Garden fat quarters.

I was going to use that fabric that went so well with this line, in the border. I do not know how people choose all the fabrics for a quilt including the borders and binding at one time. I see them in the quilt stores and am in amazement. Never works for me. I ended up using a piano key border and am pleased with the results.

An update: both chicks were okay as of yesterday afternoon. The parents roam all over looking for food, which is about anything. The chicks are required to keep up. These two look quite healthy and seem to have no problem staying with the parents. One does seem more forward than the other and is always trying to steal food intended for the other. Three years ago we had a pair nest in the same littoral area. Both chicks were doing fine for the first 6 weeks and then one of them started lagging behind as the three others moved ahead. The other chick was also like this confident one, assertive at getting enough food. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Did you have a pattern for your quilt? I really like it and have some fabric that would work well.