Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Walk

More pictures of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Here's a view approaching the Climatron.

And the reflecting pool filled with more vividly colored Chihuly glass sculptures, walla walla onions. They are loosely tethered and gracefully laze about the water.

The colors are so intense it's hard to choose a favorite.

Here's one of the two waterfalls inside.

The conditions mimic a tropical rainforest with 1200 species of plants.

A Barbary Dove which allowed us to get ridiculously close for a picture.
The garden was such a pleasant surprise, I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in St. Louis.
I'll leave you with a quote from Dale Chihuly that I like, "I can't understand it when people say they don't like a particular color. How on earth can you not like a color?"
Next time, pictures from a quilt exhibition. Thanks for visiting.

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