Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Tried a new recipe yesterday straight off the King Arthur Flour sack! I just started buying this brand and really like it. The loaf turned out nice and moist with a fine grain to it. The rising was a bit lengthy, don't know if it had to do with the dough being all whole wheat flour with no white, or the chilly house.

I did finish that sewing wallet I made for the Black and White Challenge Project and am pleased with the results.

That fabric with hearts where the yellow flower head pins are is the replacement for the Andover black dots on white that I had problems with bleeding. No problems with this fabric with the Pellon Fusible Fleece. In hindsight I guess the other fabric just had an excess of dye that did not wash out entirely. I actually think I like this fabric choice better.

Here's the back.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Unknown said...

That bread looks yummy! I can almost smell it. I love your project and think that I have seen the pattern. Can you tell me what pattern it is?? Please.