Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Small Project

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 I found a little kit from Art Girlz (which now seems defunct?) I had won awhile back and decided to make it into a card.  I used to find the little bag full of goodies every so often and take it out and admire all the trinkets, especially the tiny bag of beads.  I thought it would make a great birthday card for my niece who turns 13 in July. She regards me as somewhat of a Craft Goddess so living up to the reputation factored into that decision.  Although, in passing my daughter seemed overly interested also...
I first glued the purple Batik (does that get capitalized? If not, it should!) and then sewed the piece of glittered-decorated tulle over that before sewing a green felt heart on top. Sorry about the bad pic, I tried, really tried to get a good one but man, it was cloudy here today in Florida.
Some beads and a metal heart...and I called it done. It looks better in person. Really.
Here's the inside. 
Maybe I better stick with quilting!
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