Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lazy Kind of Day

It's been gray and rainy all day here I am happy to say!  I cannot remember the last time it rained and with that Florida sun things dry out quickly.  It was a good morning to spend at my LQS getting acquainted with all the new fabric and picking up this luscious little fat eighths bundle of California Girl.  If you have not seen this line I recommend that you seek it out!  It's for a quilt in this book.
The quilt shop chooses one quilt a month and reveals the fabrics but not the project until Strip Saturday which was today.  After a quick trip (with more rain) to another LQS to search for some Civil War repro fabric, it was home to read.
The book is a fascinating account of a woman who pretended to be a survivor of 9/11 for four years!  She became somewhat of a celebrity in the 9?11 community and  had everyone fooled until The New York Times did a story on her and discovered that accepted facts were just not really facts at all.  There's also a documentary of the same name which is also very good.
Talk to you later~

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