Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Part Two

Sorry for the delay in posting these. A few hours after I got home Sunday evening I started to feel like I was coming down with something, but happy to report I feel great today! I did do a bunch of shopping, stopping at a quilt shop on the way, shopping at the vendors, shopping in West Palm Beach, and finally stopping at one of the few quilt shops open on Sunday on the way back. That feels like a run-on sentence but I am going to let it go as I've got loads of stuff to do today. Pictures of my loot next time! My one complaint about the show was lighting. Good gosh, it had those sodium-vapor way high up on the ceiling lights that really didn't illuminate very well. When I used my flash, the colors would get washed out, but just looking at the quilts was a chore for my eyes. Thankfully a large number of vendors planned ahead and brought incandescent spotlights for their booths ~ did you know that incandescent light bulbs will be banned in 2014? I'm not too happy about that as what replaces them gives out less light and comes with additional problems. Anyway, on with the show, don't forget you can click on the pictures...

This was very striking and unusual! Raw edge applique for the pins.

The cucumber slice was the size of a salad plate and was three dimensional. The quilt was part of a challenge to interpret hot or cool in a quilt.

This quilt was huge and so colorful! It won Best Use of Color.

This also won a ribbon.

The red line is one of those red velvet ropes to keep you from getting too close, this was so striking in person, the colors so very brilliant, my daughter was a little annoyed when I told her a guy won Best of Show, LOL.

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Anne at Film and Thread said...

I love that safety pin quilt. So unique!

I am aware of the incandescent light bulb ban and I think it is HORRIBLE. I hate CFLs. I am stockpiling as many incandescents as I can get. I am so surprised that artists aren't having fits over this ban since fluorescent bulbs emit UV which fades art work, etc. I wonder what will happen when we need a new sewing machine bulb, etc.?

Bonnie said...

These quilts are spectacular! thanks for sharing.

Allyson said...

Wow, that safety pin quilt is amazing. Thanks for sharing.