Friday, February 20, 2009


These are the quilt blocks I made for February from an online site that is posting free directions on the 15th of each month. I had to 'drop everything' to make them! I'm using Christmas colors and plan on giving the finished quilt to my SIL.

I finished making the quilt using my Batik leftovers from the Batik Challenge. I so wanted to buy some other Batiks but made myself work with what I had on hand.

Would you believe I still have more scraps left?

I think the quilt is done though. I just started by making some house blocks and letting things evolve from there. It finishes about 40 by 33 inches.

This is William, my daughter's budgie that I inherited when she went off to college. He's been sick for the past several months with cancer. It overtook him yesterday morning. He was a good little guy with as much personality as any dog or cat and will be missed.
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Robin C said...


love the quilt blocks. Very nice. also wanted to say I'm sorry about William. Our pets are part of our lives and like children at times. I so sorry he didn't make it.

Robin in VA