Friday, January 9, 2015

A Grand Mess

Not a happy sewist here!  If you are/were doing the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt sponsored by Bonnie Hunter and you like it, you might want to stop reading right now!

I had to play catch-up after Thanksgiving with the clues as I had about a 10 day late start.  Pushed myself rather hard to finish all the clues, I might add, but finish them I did.  You see I wanted to be all ready prior to the finale that way I'd be off and sewing when the big reveal came.  If you're sewing along, you know it came on New Year's Eve.  And...

OMG! I hate it!  

To me it is a jumbled mess, the fabric choices are all wrong, and the sashing, oy!  And I used the same fabrics that BH did so it's not as if I used a dark rather than a light.  The ironic thing is, I didn't really care for the color choices but figured I couldn't go wrong using what the 'designer' did.  Ha!  Did I mention this is the very first Quiltville MQ I have ever done?  

What to do.  What to do.

I finished sewing the 25 blocks today.  (::sigh:: I even committed to the full version, fool that I am!)   

Here's one of them.

And the rest.  It's not too bad without the intended sashing.  I know many people are leaving that off and doing solid sashing to calm things down a bit.  

Auditioning the busy green sashing. Whew!  I think the blocks just disappear when the sashing is added. And I somehow have missed the name, where's the illusion?  I've tried to like it but it just doesn't work.  And those black squares the way they don't line up with the black HST just keeps annoying me.  But I hate the thought of having these quilt parts leftover if I don't use the sashing. ::sigh:: 

I don't know what to do. Finish it and be done, or come up with another way that I can live with?

Any ideas?   You'll just have to excuse me now while I go have a good cry.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't too crazy about the quilt either, but I kept sewing. The top is now done and it's growing on me. In fact I like it now. It is way out of my comfort zone color wise but I think it will be bright and cheerful come spring.

Marianne said...

I'll count that as one vote to finish! Thanks for your feedback.

Silly Goose said...

Hi Marianne

Your quilt doesn't look as bad as all that :)

Mine looks okay, I guess, as long as you stand back from it. Problem is, I can't stand back far enough to really like it!

Do what I'm doing. Finish it off, stick it in the cupboard, mark it off as good experience.

Put a line through it and start a new quilt.

All the best,