Thursday, September 22, 2011

Being Koi

Hey everyone!  It's certainly been awhile.  Remember me?  If there was an award for procrastination, I would win, or at least be nominated.  Thank you for the occasional email asking if I was alright!  And no, I have not given up blogging!  I have no good solid excuses for my hiatus.
I see that Blogger has an updated interface that I will try but first wanted to get a post up before I confuse myself any more than I already am.
I think I'll work backwards with my updates,
I sewed a few pillowcases to donate to my LQS who will donate to ConKerr.
And did the Strip Club at same LQS.  The club meets once a month with the fabric choices revealed but the pattern a mystery.  All we know is the pattern comes from Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts book.  The fabric used was Sophie with just a bit of Just Wing It for the star points.  This is not mine, but the shop's sample. 
And I tried something new!  I can't remember when I bought the Twisted Sisters booklet but thought it was time to try it.
It comes with a template but once you get the hang of sewing it together it is a lot of fun.  Ami Simms even has a tutorial on her website which is very helpful.  Here's my first block made from my scrap basket.
I had to take it apart so many times to get the outer edges right.  More pictures tomorrow of my Christmas version.
That's it for today.  Thank you for your patience.  I'm glad you've come for a visit.  And welcome back to those of you who have stuck with me!  I think I'm back on track.

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