Saturday, November 20, 2010

Part Two

Hi everyone,  I quit my post yesterday as Blogger kept being quite contrary with pictures.  About midway through I couldn't upload any pictures, then that changes, and all the pictures kept showing up three times and oy vey, the troubles I had!  A consult with the resident IT Tech is planned for Christmas break as soon as she returns from Oxford!
I bought a Moda Scrap Bag a few months ago and in keeping with my resolution to actually start sewing up my kits and all, I opened said bag and found all Fall fabrics, mainly Gobble, Gobble and Awesome by Sandy Gervais.  For anyone who doesn't know, the fabric is cut lengthwise and ranges from 2 to 4 inches wide.  All my strips were a little over a yard long. 
It will be roughly twin sized when I sew it together.  I was able to pick up a few fat quarters a few days ago when a LQS had a sale on Fall fabrics.
I also used up some fabric I bought a few years ago that I just couldn't cut into.  You know how that goes.  I just fell in love with this line, Hannah Bella by Robin Pandolph, when it came out.  I really like what Robin designs, it's always so soft and feminine and classic looking to me.
I used this pattern for the first time,

and it's the perfect one if you're using fabric you can't bear to cut into.  The pieces are huge!  I used that method called Leaders and Enders while I was sewing.  Essentially if I understand it right, you cut out the pieces for blocks for another quilt and sew them together at the beginning and end rather than using a scrap piece of fabric.  That way you have blocks already started for a second quilt while still working on a prior one.  Hope that makes sense.  I think Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville originated the concept.  I've never been organized enough to try it before.
 It's a brilliant idea!  Has anyone else tried it?
~ Talk to you later~
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nrnoodle said...

I have been doing leaders and enders for years. When Bonnie came to speak at our guild I thought to myself I have been doing that for ages and now I have an official name for it. Your quilts look great. I have a few of those fabrics I can;t stand to cut. I need to go ahead and make them into quilts so I can really enjoy them though.

Des said...

Reading about Bonnie's Leaders and Enders, TOTALLY changed my quilting world. Now, I always have 2 quilts going.

AND, I love the HIp to Be Square pattern. Made one a few years ago.

Allyson said...

Your fall quilt made with the Moda Scrap Bag is just darling. I've never bought one of those scrap bags, but they have sure caught my interest.....might need to go on an adventure!