Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

I wanted to show the fabric I bought in Koblenz, Germany.  The shop had a large assortment of fabric designed by Tone Finnanger for the Tilda brand.  All so very sweet.  I probably could have got it for less back home but couldn't resist the shop's display of it.  Sorry, no pictures, they are part of the 300 or so that my memory card did not record due to my lack of formatting the card.
I forgot to unpack this little guy and had simply put the bag he was in aside.  Wish I'd bought more of the wooden toys and ornaments especially from this store in Heidelberg.
It was just chock full of wonderful Christmas things!
Here's some more pictures of Amsterdam that Blogger wouldn't let me load the other day,
We had the best time walking through the red-light district.  It was so, well, awkward, I mean how can you not stop and stare.  We were cursed at in Dutch a few times.
And lastly, I'm amazed this even turned out and turned out well.  I snapped it through the glass of our cabin at dusk.
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Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous pictures! I can imagine that the red light district was ackward for snapping pictures, but wow!

What a shame about the pictures that did not come through. I really hate it when that happens. They are the moments kept in our minds and hearts.