Wednesday, July 7, 2010


 Hi all, I hope you all had a nice July Fourth ~
I totally forgot to make the top block what with my trip to Ohio in early June.  It is block 9 of the Jelly Roll Quilt Along and the bottom one is block 10.  I'm all caught up now.  For new readers, info about the Quilt Along can be found at Moose on the Porch Quilts blog.
The last block was a challenge as the directions were a little, ahem, screwed up and the clarifications a bit confusing.  All caught up now.  I took these with my daughter's camera as mine is at the Canon Repair Center.  I mailed it right before the holiday weekend and it took forever to get there.  The weekend seemed interminable.  It rained starting the Friday before through the Tuesday after.  There are literally mushrooms growing everywhere. 
                                ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~
I thought I'd share some pictures of my trip to Ohio.
Here's my daughter and niece (in pink).  We were visiting for my niece's graduation from High School.  It looks like they planned to buy similar dresses, but it was pure coincidence.

And the quilt I gave her.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but it is sized to fit a long twin bed.  And the best part she loved it! 
My brother's cat is a Bengal.  They are half Asian Leopard Cat.  Wild looking and wild behavior!  I personally think he should have just gone to the Dog Pound and rescued a kitty but you know how brothers are, never listens to their older sisters!
I'll end with a picture from the Cleveland Zoo where we went one day.  A mother Koala asleep with the most adorable baby!  We were standing not two feet from them.  No one seemed to think they were as cute as we did!
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Anne at Film and Thread said...

Glad to hear your trip went okay. Your daughter and niece are both beautiful! I bet they have fun when they are together.

Your quilt blocks are so gorgeous. The bottom one looks a bit complicated to put together, but yours looks perfect!