Sunday, December 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

I started working on this quilt this past summer and finally got organized enough to send it out to be quilted.

Then when I got the quilt back I couldn't find the fabric I thought I had saved for the binding and was in a near panic. Most of the fabrics I used were fabrics from a few years ago, Anna Griffin and Urban Chiks I believe. After much sleuthing on the internet I found a yard of what I needed. Lucky I do believe!

Jackie did a wonderful job of quilting it. I made it for my daughter's dorm room, something colorful was definitely needed.

Love the pantograph Jackie used, Dust Devils.

I also got the binding put on one of the Asian fabric doll quilts I finished recently.

I just quilted it with meandering.

Not too sure I like the ecru thread I used but any other color on that ecru inner border would have bothered me.

Here's a picture outside this morning.

Looks like I was being watched from my sewing room!


Unknown said...

Hi Marianne, I love the binding and your daughter is going to love the quilt. Thank you for the link to my site. I love the Asian quilt too! The thread you chose was perfect. What is your cat seeing?? Have a great week!

Marianne said...

Thank you, Jackie! She was watching me taking the picture of my quilt!